Styled Shoot | Ruined Perfection |

August 12, 2016 ,

Throughout history there are instances where women came together for a central cause and great things were achieved. On 9 August we attempted the same. We got together with a handful of women from different parts of our industry for one goal and that was to create. Our aim was to pull off a Styled Shoot that was drenched with  romanticism. The venue was the famous ruins of Rosemary Hill and without a doubt the allure of the ruins was a perfect setting.

Rachelle one of the coordinators of Rosemary Hill has launched her own Decor company Wildflower Creations. And with vigorous planning and styling she pulled of a gorgeous pallet of color and textures. The girls makeup was done by another division of Wildflower Creations; big thanx to Hannelize who is in charge of Wildflower Creations Make up. We had to get dresses that suited this setting and we found it in the amazing Lubellos .

Huge thank you to everyone that helped; Rachelle, Hannelize, Natasha and last but not least Lizette from Lubellos!

If you like what you see give these girls a holler they surely will not disappoint!

Ps. Thank you Matt for being an excellent reflector holder ;)


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