| ELOPEMENT |Danelle & Jacques

It has been weeks and weeks of planning for what plan B would entail, then plan C and then plan D but it all worked out! These two did not have the wedding they initially planned but making the best out of what feels like plan Z was their only option and it turned out to be one super special day!

In the words of the master photographer Jonas Peterson: Strip it back. Peel the layers off.Start again. At the center of every wedding we have a girl who fell in love with a boy. The rest is fluff. Preach it Jonas!

Danelle & Jacques dankie dat ons kon deel wees van hierdie dag. Dis een wat ons nooit sal kan vergeet nie. “Liefde is soos heuning en ons is die bye. Bye wat hard werk om dit te maak. Ons liefde sal vir altyd kan aahou. Danelle jy is my koningin en waar jy gaan, gaan ek volg om te bly werk aan ons heuning.” Excerpt from Jacques’s vows.

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Looking forward to the big celebration happening in 2021!

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